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"Treatment centers must be selected carefully as chemically impaired anesthesiologists and  CRNAs have special needs that are best addressed in treatment programs for healthcare  professionals. A minimum of six months of treatment is recommended before an anesthesia  practitioner returns to practice. In lieu of termination, an impaired anesthesiologist or CRNA   should be granted a leave of absence to ensure continuing health care and disability  insurance during treatment." ------ Bernadette Higgins Roche, CRNA, MS, EdD.


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Treatment for Licensed Professionals – Glenbeigh is an approved provider of the Ohio State Medical Board and the Ohio State Dental Board. Licensed professionals such as physicians, lawyers, dentists, nurses and pharmacists may have problems and consequences related to their professional role and practice. Also, licensure boards may have specific requirements that the professional must satisfy before returning to practice. Glenbeigh offers individual and group counseling to help patients understand how alcohol and drug addiction affects their role as professionals. The consequences of addiction experienced by professionals are a primary focus of this therapy. The patients work on developing a healthy recovery program within their professional role and address the requirements mandated by their respective licensure and monitoring boards.

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Treatment for Licensed Professionals - Shepherd Hill is nationally known for effective, confidential treatment of health care professionals. We work in cooperation with state licensing boards, associations and agencies to help health care professionals retain or regain professional licensing upon successful completion of our treatment program. Our services for health care professionals are comprehensive and tailored to individual needs.